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Collagen-Rich Foods for The Skin: What to Eat

Are you looking for collagen-rich foods for skin all over, as well? It's all around our Instagram takes care of, at the supermarket and, surprisingly, in the checkout aisle of normal foods stores — the majority of which is in supplement form.

Its sharp rise to acclaim is for the most part its enemy of maturing skin benefits, and the science upholds this blast. Collagen has likewise been found to assist with working on joint functionality and joint torment, as per a 2021 survey published. Thus, we have come up with this article to talk about the best collagen-rich foods for the skin to help it rejuvenate. 

Best Collagen-Rich Foods for Skin

So, here are the 10 best collagen-rich foods for skin to add to your eating routine to support your glow.

1. Gummies for Skin

Most gummies contain about a 2.5 g (or 2,500 milligrams) portion of collagen peptides, and you don't necessarily get that sum by eating only one. "Ordinarily with collagen gummies, you need to take a few, like five gummies, for 2.5 mg of collagen peptides.

2. Beef Bone Broth

Cow-like — also known as dairy cattle — is one of the top sources of collagen available. Furthermore, suppose you're searching for more collagen type I (the sort of collagen that assumes a major part in skin, hair and nail well-being). In that case, beef bone broth is a commendable go-to because it's an extraordinary source of collagen type I.

3. Skin-On Chicken

At the point when moderately aged ladies (matured 39 to 59) took oral collagen supplements produced using chicken ligament, it worked on their barely recognisable differences, wrinkles, crow's feet and skin versatility, as per a recent report in Elective Therapies in Wellbeing and Medication. 

So if you need a food-first methodology, go for skin-on chicken. On the other hand, if it's ground chicken that you like, inquire as to whether the ground chicken incorporates the skin and, if not, request that they grind it for you from skin-on thighs or breasts.

4. Pork Bone Broth

Another common and rich source of collagen is porcine, or pig, results, think bone broth. Curiously, porcine collagen intently looks like human collagen, which is the reason it's not unexpectedly utilized in medical services settings for skin, wound and tendon fix and reinforcement.

5. Fish

Like other creatures, fish have bones and ligaments made of collagen. Certain individuals have asserted marine collagen is one of the most effortlessly retained.

But while your noon fish sandwich or dinnertime salmon can surely add to your collagen consumption, know that the "meat" of fish contains less collagen than other, less positive parts.

6. Citrus Fruits 

L-ascorbic acid assumes a significant part in the production of supportive collagen, the body's forerunner to collagen. Therefore, getting enough L-ascorbic acid is basic.

As you presumably know, citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes are the best collagen-rich foods for the skin. Attempt a cooked grapefruit for breakfast, or add orange portions to a plate of mixed greens.

However citrus will in general gain worldwide esteem for its L-ascorbic acid content, berries are another astounding source. Ounce for ounce, strawberries give more L-ascorbic acid than oranges. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries offer a powerful portion, as well.

7. Sardines

Similar to other collagen-rich foods for skin, fish collagen is concentrated in the bones, skin and scales. In this way, if you're going the entire food course for collagen, pick a fish where you'll eat most or all of the fish, like sardines. Likewise, if you cook your other fish — like salmon filets — with the skin on and afterwards eat the skin, you should also get a little collagen support from that.

8. Organ Meats

Collagen type I is normally concentrated in organs. If creature organs, similar to the liver, heart, mind and kidneys, aren't a piece of your eating routine, don't stress: There are other ways of getting collagen type I into your eating routine, as it's likewise tracked down in skin, bone and ligaments.

9. Collagen-Infused Beverages

Indeed, bone broth, but we covered that as of now. Think collagen water, collagen lattes and collagen smoothies. Refreshments with hydrolyzed collagen are effortlessly processed and very much consumed in the body, per research published in 2019 in the diary Particles. But what is hydrolyzed collagen? 

It's an enhancement type of collagen — otherwise known as more modest collagen particles, called peptides, that have been removed from their unique source (chicken, beef, fish, and so on) You can add your collagen powder at home, but numerous espresso and smoothie shops are conveying collagen-rich products.


In conclusion, these 9 collagen-rich foods for the skin are not just healthy but tasty too. You can cook them by trying new and healthy recipes to enhance their taste. Moreover, these have been said to have additional benefits on joints and muscles as well, as aiding digestion.

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