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100% Natural & Nutritious

Nutrition Made Effortless

Adding the natural fuel of health to your body, engaging the mind and nurturing your soul, a Restorative, Visible and Everyday Wellness unleashes itself reflecting everything good that already exists within you.

Engineered to boost health with each serving, your natural wellness is just

Sol-A-Day away!

The Holistic Three

Bring The Goodness Of

  • Fibre

    Restores gut health and immunity

    Good immunity with gut health makes you the hero of your world, winning at life better than anyone.

  • Collagen

    Preserves skin health and youthfulness

    Collagen is the building block of healthy bones, skin, blood vessels, and our overall health & wellness.

  • Multi Vitamin

    Replenishes nutritional gaps

    Restore 12 essential vitamins that the body needs on an everyday basis, contributing to your daily wins.

Give your body the right balance of nutrition for every part of your being. Improve your health holistically with a boost of all essential everyday nutritional requirements. All you need for your overall wellness is to cater to your immunity, skin, bones and hair along with your gut health. 

With the power of 3 SOLs, you give your body the holistic & nutritional goodness it needs. 

Multivitamin Gummies - Wholesome
Multivitamin Gummies - WholesomeMultivitamin Gummies - Wholesome
Multivitamin Gummies - Wholesome
Regular price
From Rs. 799.00
Regular price
Rs. 999.00
Sale price
From Rs. 799.00

10 total reviews

Real Collagen Peptides - Heyday
Real Collagen Peptides - HeydayReal Collagen Peptides - Heyday
Real Collagen Peptides - Heyday
Regular price
From Rs. 999.00
Regular price
Rs. 1,299.00
Sale price
From Rs. 999.00

17 total reviews

Prebiotic Fibre - Gut Good
Prebiotic Fibre - Gut GoodPrebiotic Fibre - Gut Good
Prebiotic Fibre - Gut Good
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From Rs. 999.00
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Rs. 1,299.00
Sale price
From Rs. 999.00

27 total reviews

Nature Brings Nutrition 

  • GMO-Free: Skip the scourge of harmful GMOs, benefit from gummy goodness sourced naturally. 
  • Preservative-Free: Nothing fake about the good gummies, preserve your health without any artificialness to it. 
  • Soy-Free: Side-step what you don't need for your health, go for pure nutrition without the by-products. 

Natural Way To Wellness

  • Gluten-Free: Cut the carbs, feel the nutritional purity in every gummy.
  • No Artificial Colours: Pure Nutrition with natural colours, made for holistic goodness. 
  • Egg-Free: Made vegan for good health to make every day you begin.
Know more

  • Clinically Studied Natural Ingredients

    With SOL, the nutrients in your body are restored with all the vitamins and minerals you will ever need, catering to your day-to-day wellbeing.

  • Health Simplified

    Get healthy in a hassle-free way, making wellness, an everyday regime. 

  • Wellness That Shows

    With essential daily nutrition your body requires, SOL gummies boosts your health providing a wellness that shows inside-out!

  • Supports Active Lifestyle

    Get energised everyday and boost your immunity with SOL providing care to your overall health.

  • Planet-first Packaging

    SOL packaging puts planet first with sustainable packaging that is recyclable.

The Power Of Three

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Amazing Taste! 

Tastes good, and seems to be doing what I thought it would do. It seemed to start working the first day I took it. Highly recommended.

Arun Singh 

Just One Word: Addicted 

These fiber gummies are just what I need. My doctor said I should have more fibre but I don't enjoy most vegetables and these gummy supplements are a perfect substitute. They taste delicious and are easily chewable and the best part is they are sugar free. 

Himanshi Saxena 

Highly Recommended 

I love that these are sugar free, easy to take and taste good. Great way to keep my fiber up! 

Kritika Verma

Very Good For Fitness Enthusists

I can say 100% that this is a lot easier to take than the chalky powder I was previously using by adding it to drinks.

Anushka Singh 

I’m Loving It! 

I can experience my gut feeling healthier and my energy levels are higher! 

Isha Sharma

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